Coping with the Crying

You may find yourself in a situation where you are very frustrated, even angry with your baby’s crying. It is important to know that this is completely normal, especially after you have tried everything you can think of to calm and soothe your crying baby. It is important to recognize this and deal with your anger and frustration when caring for a crying child.

The best thing you can do for your baby is to get away from the crying and calm down. This does not mean you are a bad mother or father. It only means you are normal. Ask your spouse, partner, a relative or friend if they could help with the baby. If none of these options are available, set your baby in a safe place, such as his or her crib, and walk away. Below is a list of some things you can do to help you relax and get rid of your frustration:

  1. Listen to music. Turn it up loud if you have to so you cannot hear the crying.
  2. Take a warm bath. Shut the door, indulge in bubbles, play soft music.
  3. Watch your favorite television program.
  4. Exercise. This does not mean to go to a gym necessarily. You can turn on an exercise video or television program. Every few minutes, walk into your crying baby’s room and announce that you are sorry but you are busy right now and you will come back when it is over. Even better, is to ask your spouse or relative to stay with the baby while you walk around the block.
  5. Take a nap. This can be hard when there is a baby crying but if you can ask a neighbor to come over for even 20 minutes, and you go to their house and have a 20-minute nap it can help. Most people are surprised how happy a good neighbor is to offer this relief to a mom or dad.
  6. Engage in a hobby, craft or activity that you find enjoyable. This seems like you should not be doing this with a baby crying but this can really work. Once you convince yourself that you are entitled to have some time for yourself, keep saying this over and over to yourself. Every so often, go into you crying baby’s room and announce, “I am making a cute thing for your room right now so you will have to wait until I finish that.”

In summary, all babies will go through the Period of PURPLE crying. It is important to remember that, though it is difficult, it will come to an end. Contact our Community Health Nurse if you are interested in receiving a free Period of PURPLE Crying® booklet and DVD.

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